A Coffee & Tea Lovers Must See

Enjoy your Tea & Coffee Splash-Free while “On-the-Go”…with The SpilliNator

Plug the sip-hole on most popular coffee lids, then Sip, Pour, and even Suck your favorite drink, all Splash-Free and On-the-Go..and Once you Suck, we promise you will Never go Back!


We call it, “Plug and Seal, then Sip, Pour, and even Suck your Coffee, all Splash-Free and On-the-Go.”

The SpilliNator solves a problem that plagues hundreds of millions, if not billions of people every year…and we guarantee, once you try it, you will never go back!

The “Never Spill your Coffee Again” Awareness Campaign was successful on Kickstarter!  Thank you to all that helped us get the word out!

Other BENEFITS Include:

  • -Enjoy your beverage Splash-Free while On-the-Go!
  • -Prevents spill & splash from beverage lid sip-holes.
  • -Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than splash-sticks.
  • -Designed and tested to help those with Parkinson’s.
  • -Beneficial to mothers pushing a baby stroller.
  • -Enjoy more of your favorite beverage faster, widened sip-hole.
  • -Adds suction ability similar to that of a straw, while preventing those annoying leaks from the cup-crease.
  • -Prevents line-of-site blockage while sipping and driving.
  • -Keeps your beverage hotter, longer, blocking heat dissipation.
  • -Reusable, comes in variable colors, and is brandable.
  • -Designed for an active on-the-go lifestyle.
  • -Patent Pending Utility and Design Internationally


The SpilliNator solves a problem that nearly 60% of the world experience daily…Splish Splash Coffee Spill.  Approximately 825 Billion, with a “B” that is, cups of Joe are consumed each year.  Making it the most consumed beverage/drug ever.  With that in mind, how many cars, shirts and little old ladies get burnt by sloshing coffee every day?  Until now, the only solution was those hard green plastic splash-sticks, which plug the sip-hole on beverage lids.  But why buy a coffee if you can’t drink it when you want it?   This is the problem that has plugged…(I mean) plagued, the creators of The SpilliNator for years.  So we decided to do something about it, and that’s how The SpilliNator Line was created.

We expect to launch sometime in mid 2015 with a robust line of spill & splash solutions. 

Press, questions, or purchases can all be directed to Info@SpilliNator.com 

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